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The sun is out and the grass is coming in green.  The spring season is upon us and that means its time to call your golf buddies and hit the links.  It also means its time to take a good hard look in our golf bag and identify what needs to be improved upon this golf season.  Looking to get better distance with your driver? How about consistency with your woods? Or better workability with those irons?  Have you ever tried a hybrid? I know that we all hate to think about it, but how is that short game of yours?  As we check the popular golf magazines for the latest golf clubs, and hit the local golf exposes to try out the latest technology; a little voice in the back of our mind is telling us, “I sure hope these new clubs help my game because they are costing me an arm and a leg”.

For those wiser golfers, their is a much smarter option to finding golf clubs that will work for you.  Participate in a risk free* test play by Warrior Custom GolfWarrior Custom Golf will custom build you a set of golf clubs that you have the opportunity to play on your own courses for 45 days and then decide if they are worth the price of the clubs.  How many of us have gone to a pro shop and spent $500 for a new driver only to have it not work for us; unfortunately, the return policies for golfers is not very favorable, unless you buy directly from Warrior Custom Golf.  The fact of the matter is, every golfer is different and every club may play differently for each unique golf swing.  On top of this complexity, no two golf clubs are built identical; meaning, if you play a driver at a golf expo that worked great for you on the driving range, and then you go to your pro shop to buy that same driver, it will potentially play differently, typically, not as good as the one you swung at the golf expo.  Another advantage of the Warrior Custom Golf Test Play Program is that you will evaluate the club in your golf bag, not a sample; if you like it, keep it, if it doesn’t work for you, return it.  It’s that simple!

There is a reason that professional golfers test play 10 identical drivers before entering a tournament to see what club works best for them.  Every club has the slightest differences when built that may only be recognizable to the golfer swinging the clubs side by side.  As you make plans to improve your golf bag and golf game this golf season, I recommend at least participating one Warrior Custom Golf Test Play; afterall, what do you have to lose, but a few strokes off your game!


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