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No Complaints with Warrior Custom Golf

I just completed the golf bag with the newest Warrior Custom Golf hybrids; these new hybrids are amazing. I am test playing the 2-5 hybrids and they have already earned a spot in my bag, replacing my 3-5 irons. I love living where I can play year round; my bag now has all new 2010 clubs from Warrior Custom Golf and playing the best golf of my life (already lowered my handicap 6 strokes; current index is 6.3). Check out all the information about Warrior Custom Golf, their promotions, and test plays along with reviews at Warrior Custom Golf Information


2 Responses to “No Complaints with Warrior Custom Golf”

  1. I have been using Warrior golf clubs for about a decade and love the test play program. Having the opportunity to play clubs all I like for 45 days before I am committed to keeping them is such an advantage for the customer and a true testament to the quality of the clubs Warrior Custom Golf manufactures. I know we have all purchased drivers for more than $300 or $400 that worked well during a demo or on a driving range and then a couple of weeks later seems to be useless; then we are stuck trying to sell the club to a buddy for a fraction of the price because no pro shop or sporting good store would ever take back a club that has been used on the golf course.

  2. […] clubs that will work for you.  Participate in a risk free* test play by Warrior Custom Golf.  Warrior Custom Golf will custom build you a set of golf clubs that you have the opportunity to play on your own courses […]

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